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I asked the person in charge of traffic

I asked the person in charge of traffic police brigade Fukuda , he told me that they were on the car 's four confessions and injuries done to identify , they say there is no obvious problem. Traffic police said that in modern society , will not have staged . Really do not have? Said the victim's family , seven hours after the incident , the perpetrators before going to the traffic police brigade surrendered back to the driver himself? Hope the traffic police department to careful verification , gives a convincing argument . The child has gone we are very sad. Just want to be able to ferret out the real killer police let the driver deserves . Respect for life of the deceased, to maintain the authority and dignity of the law . This is consistent with the sound of the victim's family . Reporter learned from the hospital OCT day 3:00 more than an accident of a man and three women came to the hospital , the man about 30 years old, medium build, wearing a T-shirt , looks relatively correct . the man has a great chin cleft , seven or eight sewing needles , http://www.usveteransdirectory.com/ doctors advised him to stay in hospital for observation, but he said that in a hurry , after simple treatment after minor injuries and another woman left the hospital the reporter will be the families of the victims in the Futian police brigade to take pictures of the driver was issued by the attending physician Dr. Hu Chen medical Services hospital in order to prevent doctors perfunctory or lie, reporters downloaded from the Internet and their families a shot photo similar photos, in case the issue was not explained to him along with Dr. Hu , let it come to help identify whether it is a man that night . Dr. Hu Chen told reporters through a hospital , a preliminary judge , two photos are not the night to come for medical treatment of men wounded , and two photos are not the same person. against the target of criticism and media networks , Shenzhen traffic police on may 28 held a special 5.26 accident briefing , Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau spokesman, deputy Secretary Xu Wei: when surrender came hou left eyebrow , left -to-right chest bone bruise and accidents resulting impact airbags pop scene match, denied the staged one said Xu Wei said: Coupe at least 180 kilometers per hour when the crash in the course of the investigation police found six parties , and another 11 witnesses. 3 women on the car was a Mercedes car was picked up after the incident . Houmou were received Meisha yacht club in a room, the room had a good start the briefing , police released the first video : 1:43 , the driver Hou Moumou and three women into a bar to drink , when Hou Moumou wearing sunglasses , wearing flip-flops . 2:50 , four out of the Shenzhen traffic police said , after doctors identified the injured , the Department falls attenders , and three women's sports on the do not know, just happened to come in for treatment. has its wrestling injury video as evidence .



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