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I always throw away without looking

<p>In 1999, Kwok participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant , she not only won the championship with outstanding performance will also Miss Photogenic , Miss Goodwill as well as the creation of the General Assembly of the new Millennium intelligence Miss to win the title of all , and hot trend into the entertainment business. Second, relying Aventure capture opportunities. Carman Lee before becoming Lady Master , has also done a stewardess for some time . Later to become flight attendants, Carman Aventure constantly , often someone on the plane started to pursue her or give her a flight attendant during Carman advertising plug the card has been picked to shoot outside --- stewardess uniforms to wear a small apron, per trip flight back Lee will find a lot of my mother in her apron pocket inside the card . Lee mother said : . I always throw away without looking directly placed inside aprons certainly not as important as her own already received good when during the flight attendants, Carman was going to pick some filmed advertising. Later Carman was director Tsui Hark fancy , invited her to participate shoot their films until play Maid began to really go after Carman Bai Xin Hui red . Bai Xin Hui is also a flight attendant came , then turned professional model , with her wealthy family and there is that beautiful face of pure devil figure , so many crazy men whom reportedly including Jackie Chan, Jordan Chan and other actor are flocking on Jet Li has been rumored a few even have transferred and she had underground conditions . Third, because of the passive switch and turn to chance.
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