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How to solve some of the problems the opportunity to jaw crusher

<p>Jaw crusher in use to a certain time, there will be some problems, so how does this encounter these problems? Let tell you.
<p>Jaw crusher own failures will affect the efficiency of the pew jaw crusher for sale. Jaw crusher rod, shaft and lining, movable jaw plate, the eccentric shaft is the main wear parts. Production process, should always observe wear, timely repair or replacement of worn parts, but also pay attention to the lubrication point often lubrication.
<p>Jaw crusher impact the efficiency as well as regulating the discharge port size. In production, need more granularity according to the requirements of discharge adjusted discharge mouth size. Ensure advantage of the new jaw crusher product granularity request, can enlarge the port of discharge to improve production efficiency, discharge opening size can be adjusted by adjusting the block. Deal with the relationship between productivity and crushing ratio, you can make to improve production yields, greatly increasing the production cost crushing production line.



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