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How about music download network

How about music download network fees, all versions circulated on the Internet, such as monthly pay 7 yuan 7 first, downloadable 20 yuan can download, music quality can reach the level of CDS, gao said the law is the price is much lower than that of quality is much higher than this. Exactly how many, can ask their users? In addition, whether all the online music download all necessary charges? Charge will not only increase the economic burden of Internet users, is also a double-edged sword for musicians and labels. Free is contrary to the protection of intellectual property rights, but the effect is obvious for the promotion of music works. http://www.intocartoon.com/hermes/replica-hermes-belt.html In reality, It's like a TV with premium channels and public channel, positioning, price and service as well as the corresponding difference. Network music from free to fee, is the inevitable trend of the Internet age respect intellectual property rights, in theory, the ultimate beneficiary is not only a musician, record companies, to provide music download service website, also include all Internet users pay. The formation of the win-win situation, however, depends on to create a fair trade and free competition market environment. Network music to collect fees, price, quality and service, all involve the issue of industry standard, still need to guard against giant monopoly may pose harm to musicians and consumers' rights and interests, all of this, our record companies, web sites and industry department in charge of all ready? At present, the toll road has achieved National Day holidays such as toll free, but can't afford to buy a car of the masses, but less than to enjoy the benefits of this policy. Deputy to the National People's Congress, jade said zhu two sessions this year will focus on the question of rail travel, he advised that the National Day, Spring Festival, the tomb-sweeping day, labor day four holidays, such as free ride in the train across the country, http://www.intocartoon.com/hermes/hermes-birkin-replica.html enjoy the policy of welfare state. February 28) (the new express any free advice, generally to gain public support, such as parks, scenic spots, museums free free free, zhu column alone jade representative proposed free holiday by train, for sound by a flood of Internet. Some netizens call 2013 national annual first shocking suggestion. Don't have to do delicate thinking, will know that this proposal is quite unreliable. Column zhu yu, called a toll road toll free holidays unfair, because can't afford to buy a car of people cheated, but the holidays free train likely to be even more unfair - behavior, in the Spring Festival railway capacity can only take about 7% of the Spring Festival, people free by train, you can't get more crowded train galling? Anyway, not enough cases, free ticket allocation? So it not only involves the fair question, and corruption may be produced. The Suggestions on the concrete operation is a lot of trouble, not list one by one here. Zhu jade column on behalf of the said railway public resources owned by the whole people, this is, of course, no doubt, but not all of the public product must be free to reflect fair distribution. http://www.intocartoon.com/hermes/cheap-hermes-belts.html Whole is not equal to a free, or water, electricity, gas, communications, the public product and public service people can enjoy free - this is clearly not realistic. Once anything free, you may produce excess grab and waste, is a welfare properties of public goods, but there is a fair efficiency, so we must through the proper economic means and market regulation to maximize the use efficiency of public resources.



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