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High economic growth although the reforms

High economic growth although the reforms can be transformed whitewash , but it is difficult to convince those in the reform were denied the basic benefits or mercilessly abandoned by the majority of vulnerable groups. Day by day in this society rotting in defeat, holistic , systemic corruption eroding each root capillaries of society, so that every thought and conscience surviving with normal people feel powerless. The vast majority of Belt Replica people have never been so helpless helpless and dazed A deep bone bruise powerlessness entire nation ! Rich pyramid on less than 5 % of the total Belt Replica population , they have more than a first-class wealth wealthy Europe and Asia , they may have been immigrants or are applying for immigration ; If the income distribution reform program only for the wealthy few , http://replicaversacebelts.tripod.com/ or is it introduced a simple Shafujipin policy will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of wealthy immigrants. From an economic point of view , if the law of the simple will kill the rich to poverty . VIP wealth creation, wealth creation legitimate people must be respected and protected. Truly out of poverty, the reduction of poverty is to make the greatest contribution to economic wealth creation and respect for the law , rather than simply government helping the poor , the poor , and more than a few philanthropists charity. The so-called reform of the income distribution system, is bound to break the original interest group led predatory or monopolistic structure of income distribution , the National Development and Reform Commission drafted tolerance programs , the ability to resolve the courage and boldness , itself is an adventure . Wealth gap is a problem related to all sectors of society , the object only if the reform party and government departments involved in the civil service , employees and state-owned institutions of workers .



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