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her customers heart inherent good

In her moral force), her customers heart inherent good thoughts were stimulated, and the two sides established a relationship of mutual trust. Some customers not only save money to buy the buns, also actively help her to look after stall. It seems to make good faith society pointed out a path, namely the ancients says reciprocated - moral, I told you you keep promise to me. No one selling buns is indeed an affectionate scene, between a woman and her customers to establish the mutual trust relationship is commendable, but I think that this trust relationship can only exist in the acquaintance society. Why did no one took a big niang steamed bread don't give money? Zhang aunt neighbor said very clearly: not much money a bag of steamed bread, village folks didn't people take advantage of this. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/09/13/current-judicial-field-lighter Aunt zhang steamed bun stands in the residents of a traditional small courtyard, her customer basic are neighbors, they know each other, if someone take the bun not give money, is too much of a risk, it is easy to be discovered and remember. To a bag of steamed bread and a dollar in their small circle of life leave a stigma, really not worth it.



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