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He also always grasp denversindicate.com

He also always grasp the performance to match the moderate and ridicule. He knew that cater to the public is not necessarily completely to please them, also includes the ridicule them. http://www.drfrederickcook.com/ So he side to the readers his justice, and the performance of the generous, http://www.selfhelpfraud.com/ let people feel his greatness without loss. The other side, it always poking fun at the public always show their maverick junichirokoizumi, so often teach small faults, small problems. As for sexually explicit expression always with a fun way. This makes full li ao side is unattainable, and talent unattainable, heroic unattainable. The other side is not on, the ancient and modern is not perfect, there are ordinary people and even beyond the ordinary people of innocuous weaknesses or problems. This image for today's postmodern 'social media, of course, is the best of object. So, we can see that li ao is a scholar of the star, or the star of the literati. In this era of consumption, li ao consumable is so rich. His knowledge and insights can endowment minds, his wit and weaknesses can let we don't have a heart, ha ha a smile, his unusual behavior allows us to admire. So, li ao interaction with media is indeed the most successful example, is also one of the market-oriented society's new image of literati. His literary image is postmodern, still is modern knowledge and ideas. But in fact, li ao, if only have these fascinating, he also just so. I think he's attraction is that he is also a traditional literati, a has strong feelings of the Replica Belt scholars. He as a classic literary style and taste is still powerful, is beyond the media's dramatic performance. From the traditional point of view, he is a wild bachelor of chivalry, a laughing face upwards out courage, dare to love dare hate frankness. He also has a continuous tenderness, there is a ruthless is not necessarily true hero of true temperament. It is because of Belt Replica's culture is the refuge of his spirit, so he always observe the world from the perspective of Belt Replica. He lives in Taiwan, although his care in the whole of Belt Replica. The state of his heart is broad. Such concerns Belt Replica, concerned about the fate of our civilization's feelings is also the characteristics of Replica Belt literati. Li ao often strongly against tradition, but his temperament is very traditional, his behavior in the traditional Replica Belt literati all find their own prototypes. This feelings for Belt Replica, in fact is not only for continuous missing hometown, also is not only a kind of culture of the sentime http://www.denversindicate.com/ ntal, back to the li ao actually never be separated by artificial barriers, thinking of his heart and life never began from a Replica Belt perspective. I read the preface of Replica Belt source temple for the last few words always unforgettable, he said to tan sitong with benevolence of the mind, and the condition: after tan sitong benevolence as his feeling in new for Japan, Taiwan is not real name, and according http://www.artandframingclub.com/ to the Taiwanese writing yan its cover, borrow cry of chaotic times; Now, I am alone in Taiwan, write Replica Belt source temple, w http://www.classickombi.com/ ritten by Taiwanese astonishment, one hundred years of solitude, and after repeated. Kuo forty years. Today to print this book belongs to the old country, and things you can't, forget I am a Replica Belt people. Today, li ao, Belt Replica culture tour, actually it is the feelings. I want to, change and development of Belt Replica today have said goodbye to the past sad, li ao, see may tell us more than he is. In 2006 the most noteworthy of the first year of grassroots culture changes is the rise of grassroots. This year is the first year of Belt Replica's grassroots. Over the years the rise of grassroots signs in this year has a great development of explosive.



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