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He actually makes us more inquiry for

He actually makes us more inquiry for today.http://lepaysancentrafrique.com/node/174 Not wang shuo these shrill voice, actually we can feel a little lonely. Infatuation and victims: make track for a star to make track for a star at the li-juan Yang family tragedy is the most fully reported recently, is also one of the focus of the public recently. There is no doubt that this is clearly a not a special case of generalization, at any time will not lack such strange events, it is difficult to get from such a special case of a general state of current social analysis. Li-juan Yang and her family, of course, is unfortunate, but this kind of accident unfortunately actually exists in human life all the time and all of the society. http://www.la-bruxelloise.be/node/43999/ We get about the enlightenment is limited to the particularity of the extreme events, so it is difficult to have a general. But li-juan Yang offers in the moment of the existence of a special state, this state is directly related to the particularity of affirmation and individuals, but also inevitably and the present culture conditions have a certain correlation. I want to from two angles of the discussion, probing into the cause of the event. Li-juan Yang is the source of the tragedy of her in a dream of puberty in the emergence of Andy lau, from a kind of hard to suppress, began to dominate her life. This is the modern entertainment culture itself huge magic show, this kind of entertainment culture is based on a visual spectacle. http://www.eminencehc.com/content/we-regard-him-great-man-wwwdenversindicatecom So-called idols in the TV era is shaped by our house of TV directly ACTS on our vision, due to the unique attraction side is visual, one side is the direct into the family, the culture shock and attract all forms will be more intense than ever before. At the same time, due to the entertainment industry itself created a mysterious and exotic charm, makes an idol is completely become a transcendent symbols. Icon for body and mind is not mature teenagers has a magical charm, they will all think projected on idol. Idol is the postmodern age youth borrowed beyond your mundane life. Traditional society through the only god idols will all come to we say normally superstition, http://www.brioenergy.in/node/125/ to superstitious explanations and arrange daily life, thus obtain a cultural arrangements.



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