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have nowhere to turn but to ask passers

On the other hand , from 1980 to 2003 , lowell smile center's personal health expenditures rose sharply from 21.2% to 55.5% , and even 60% in 2001 . Only in 2000, for example , the government developed a national health burden of 73% of total health expenditures , emerging countries 70% of the burden of the government , the government burden of LDCs by 59.3 %, and other governments in developing countries the burden of 57.2 % . Health Minister Chen Zhu said at the meeting in the national health work , in terms of total health expenditure , the government budget spending on health and social health expenditure dropped in 2001 were only 16 % and 24% , respectively, in 2010 increased to 28.6% and 35.9% .
Hong Kong's population is only 8,000,000 , the government budget allocated to hospitals up to more than 40 billion a year ! In lowell smile center, government investment in public health funds are used in all likelihood one of the few officials who ! Public health costs has so far failed publicly , people do not know a huge public health funding well spent somewhere, just state the person in charge of a ministry once leaked the secret : in my place , public health spending is equivalent to buying a daily imports BMW cars. In other words, only a small ministries and agencies , a year will cost hundreds of millions of health care costs .
Thus, we see that thousands of people have nowhere to turn in the event of disease only Yangtianchangtan . Many families often have a loved one suffering from disease that will go bankrupt, more rural elderly sick with only anti endured, did not dare go to the hospital . Media often reports unnamed patient alone , sitting or lying on the roadside edge pharmacy dead messages. In some cities the streets , bustling shopping mall next can often see a teenage girl or rural women kneeling on the sidewalk, his head down, or dull eyes looked at the ground, stood in front of a paper, says the girl's father or the woman's husband was very ill, need a large sum of money to pay the hospital costs , have nowhere to turn but to ask passers-by to help .




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