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Granite sand washing machine for sale

The operator opens the lid 22 and then .places the clothes or -fabrics to be washed through the Opening I8 into the interior of the basket |20 including with it the proper quantity of detergent, and the lid is closed. Thereupon the operator decides whether to use hot or warm water for the washing operation and adjusts the temperature control knob 26 to position a movable contact |50 in an electrical lcircuit |52 to either engage the warm water contact |54 in a circuit |56 to lenergize the warm water valve |58,sand mining equipment or to engage a hot water contact |60 to energize the hot water valve |62 through a parallel circuit IS4, when the appropriate cam |06 on the timer is advanced to complete the circuit |

Hey guys.

My company send me to Indonesia for business trip. I am going to attend the upcoming security exhibition http://www.hkvstar.com I am so exciting.

I know after the exhibition, I can spend my spare time to enjoy the delicious foods. I know almost Indonesian people are Muslin. Haha, I don't know what the traditional foods are there.

So exciting.



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