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German real estate developers are divided

German real estate developers are divided into two categories, one is a real estate developer in the traditional sense , responsible for the development , design, management , housing construction real estate projects ; Another is only responsible for building and marketing , http://www.wrdefenderfootball.com/replica-belts/replica-gucci-belts.html called the building obligor . These two types of real estate developers in Germany accounted for 60 %, while the cooperative housing and self-help housing , 40% in Germany . Two sessions this year, Belts 's richest man , National People's Congress Li Zong strong ambition to respond to a sensitive topic for the media and the public : First declare what, I do not have foreign citizenship , no foreign green card , nor prepare for future immigrants to go abroad , because I do not know foreign languages, adapt foreign food , I also did not mean alone in a foreign country , I live well at home , here are my career , so I'm definitely not going to emigrate to other countries . http://www.tovsh-mind.com/ However, once deep green card door Zong admits once have had a U.S. green card , that when we do the canning factory , the products are mainly exported to the U.S. , I was in the United States through the government approval to open a trading company , and later My daughter went to America to study , in order to facilitate the access point was applied for a green card . go green card was canceled six months , I did not go for several years , my daughter , my wife 's green card is canceled , there is no one foreign green card , nor any foreign nationality . Zong words , but also indirectly confirmed the identity of a prominent family rate of NPC deputies who had a U.S. green card holder , which is often said to have borrowed identity. Some have borrowed the identity of the star on behalf of members among Belts 's NPC and the CPPCC , is one of two sessions of public discourse in recent years , the star last year on behalf of Yang admitted his U.S. citizenship status. http://www.christineelizabethblog.com/ And confidently said: Although I have joined a U.S. citizen , but I was born in Belts , so from the origin point of view, I do not attend the United States to attend two sessions of Belts's two sessions is only right and proper . Question is whether they have to have foreign nationality deputies qualifications ? Really keeps patriotic heart ? Elected deputies generally regarded as a Replica Belt citizen should have political rights.



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