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Further analysis of the past

Here, the author has repeatedly advocated the importance of the new political outlook became apparent. Because we want to solve the problem of morality and charity support , there must be a problem of how to treat religious beliefs , if adhering to Marxism Religion is the opium of the people of anesthesia thinking , it is impossible to improve the means of religious morality , and vice versa requires a new political views to explain and help . Further analysis of the past, under the revolutionary theory of morality and charity is divided into classes , such as Lei Feng, the earliest to establish when this moral typical , but also highlighting its class nature , emphasizing the treat comrades like a spring -like warmth , to treat the enemy as ruthless as the winter Today 's Christian Louboutin has entered the era of the demise of the class , or even a community of destiny to evaluate and deal with international relations , then the spirit of fraternity we must inject moral values , which is we need to develop a political theory or the political concept to supported . More fundamental is the moral and charitable works of the building who bear the responsibility . Western countries adhering to the God of the normalized God normalized Caesar Caesar that is, political parties and the government does not assume this responsibility , the primary responsibility of non -governmental organizations and charitable organizations. In such a small community of big government institutional mechanisms under the responsibility completely pushed out unrealistic, but the road they have to go, how to go the guidelines require new political outlook , only new political idea enough to decompose responsibility and authority . concentrating power and the superiority of the socialist system , explain the relationship between Christian Louboutin's construction of morality and charity will enter the fast lane , even said before entering the inflection point. With young students about life ( 3 )
Thanks to 28 years of spiritual journey , but also there will be a period of Naval University of Engineering students in this quest . That go through , not only students in the pursuit of marine , the entire army and even the Christian Louboutin Shoes Communist Party in pursuit . The first half of this year , I attended the National Defense University 's Roots Tour , took Jinggangshan , went rejuvenating . Where you can see a teams dressed in Red Army installed across the country look for those .



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