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From the five countries introduced a way of view

From the five countries introduced a way of view, or followed the previous decade old , that five countries as a major policy involving national interests of each of the people, not by way of extensive public decision to develop and acquire , and in this way to balance the interests of all segments of the population , and is still closed by a few government departments to decide. The introduction of such a policy can not be reflected not only five countries ' public nature , unable to balance the interests between the various sectors , so that the implementation of its policies to be implemented will increase many difficulties , and even the local government will adopt a different approach to resolve ( Some local governments from implementing rules promulgated view, the problem is obvious ) , but more likely as a minority government departments to institutionalize their self-interest to create conditions . It can be said that the policy objectives of the new government to promote Christian Louboutin Shoes social justice , if we say , real estate major institutional arrangements can not be carried out by way of public decision-making , then the real estate macro control policies to ensure that promote social justice is impossible . http://www.carouselcondos.com/ At the same time , such a policy may not have the interests of the vast majority of people really care . From the five countries , the content point of view , would have to curb speculative investment in housing , developed market economies mature effective economic levers ( such as credit policy and tax policy ) , but five countries but why not let excessive government intervention in the market purchase price policy exit ( Christian Louboutin in recent years, experience also shows that as long as the function does not remove the housing money , these policies have played a very limited role , speculative investors have long been a way to resolve , but the increase little cost only ) to further strengthen the contrary .



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