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Freak of the Week

When cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was invented in the 1970s, the goal was to train as many potential bystanders as possible to help if someone had a heart attack or choked in public. In an effort to educate everyone about the importance of learning basic chest compression and the Heimlich maneuver, even Hollywood got in on the act, incorporating the practices into movie and TV storylines. As a result of great marketing, these days virtually everyone knows what CPR is, and hundreds of thousands of people are trained to do it.In the new millennium, a heightened awareness of both terrorism and the impact of natural disasters has created a need for a "new CPR"; core skills that will help both laypeople and medical professionals meet the challenges of man-made and natural disasters


Note: I did not write the text above this, and it does not appear in my edit window for me to delete

--onto the business at hand----

We need to see the freaks again on Tuesday

I nominate Mr Fromage himself to be the next profiled freak



  1. Fred

    I had an edit button for a few minutes after adding this post, which allowed me to add the note about the spam on top, but the edit button has disappeared

    In any case, I was unable to edit out the spam - it does not appear in the edit box at all, so no idea where it comes from

  2. Dave

    That used to happen pre-forum-closing as well - it's a quirk of the page building software. It's a spam post that's stuck in the system somewhere.


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