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formulate policies and measures to encourage

formulate policies and measures to encourage the rich to do charity and public welfare activities. encourage wealthy engaged in social welfare activities, to make up for the government insufficient financial resources , http://www.tovsh-mind.com/feed/ so that people share the fruits of economic and social development. Ban this four Shiyou Er , is a relatively accomplished career , family life and harmonious middle-aged man in his gang of friends , he could even get on the gentleman is a rare in the home, and his wife's relationship more harmonious , one of those Juanqimei style seldom heard discord, what quarrel sulk , winning the admiration of neighbors and colleagues in the general case, he does not belong to the kind of casual person , and that there are usually entertaining , it also returned home after dinner , never hang around nightclubs or something, in addition to work , basically have not got any hobbies , with the now fashionable appellation called otaku is relatively appropriate . said to be a good man, a pure man, a little too much , but this, this gentleman now increasingly difficult people . first male colleagues despise him not gregarious, not inflow . initially , access to bars, nightclubs what he also participated , but saw someone on the inside of the body is more offensive indulgence . later, we then pulled his occupation , he reveals the attitude of do not want to participate , for a long time , no one to pull him up , although he he did not feel very lost , but others feel it touches incomprehensible that he pretending to be aloof , it alienated him slowly , eventually almost became a loner and this is not the most important. certain times , one just points to a female colleague on a business trip . usually he knew the girl admired him , called the teacher , but he did not know the girl very open . trip that night in his room talking on do not go. Peng though implied her time is late, but she did not leave. touches girls tell him , do not do Liuxia it. Liuxia with today's perspective, that incompetent performance that regard. sentence him to grab a shame. Although ultimately nothing happened between them , but friends since in the eyes of the girl 's image and status are to emerge only that, since then , his female colleagues seemed muttering behind , which makes him such a thorn in the back . Ban encounter may be the transformation of social relationships faced epitome of his 40 years of life experience , we should say so and be completely comfortable in this environment , but some do not but his Solutions style . did not follow the crowd. so , whether it is in front of male colleagues , friends, or in front of a female colleague , he 's a bit out of step . accordance with the truth , this man should win certainly fishes, but in this society is full of temptations , many people tempted to conform to this trend consciously or unconsciously , have lost themselves , so often used as anti-traditional fashion , the standard evaluation questions also will be changed. lust becomes a matter of course a choice .



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