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Forbidden City has made such a response

Forbidden City has made such a response has been nothing worth surprised , and even a typo can move huge shake Taishan Yi , shake PLO difficult sophistry of the Forbidden City, to make what kind of response is not worth too surprised . So far we do not even damaged artifacts not seen a photograph , the Forbidden City area said to repair , naturally do not control the public believe, anyway Forbidden himself believed. But to say that according to the law should be reported within 2 hours of the accident , dragged more than 20 days is not concealed , it can really make a joke of it . Forbidden actually also set their own one-month time limit for investigation , really confused in the end Who gave you the qualifications set their own time limits for investigation !By now, we can certainly question the Palace of the irrational , the Palace of the items can also be questioned management system , but we are really concerned about is the Palace also can afford the public confidence in it . A person will own the items entrusted to other people cherish custody is a great trust, not only to consider the depositary will not for themselves, but also consider the custodian has no ability to care , will not cause the loss of goods or damage.Even the on ordinary people, it would be the most simple ideas. However, the National Palace Museum collection is a national cultural treasures , the Forbidden City as a national treasure guardian , we ask them to be honest , responsible and have the ability to protect the cultural relics , and even want them to be this country 's most cherished historical and cultural heritage a group of people , this should not be regarded as anything presumptuous demands it ?However , the Forbidden City after another scandal broke , the Palace is doubtful whether even the most basic care responsibilities are difficult to make . Theft in the Forbidden City , the public generally questioned the Palace of the security system , but the real worrisome details that NPM internal security personnel present age is too large , staff training would not be enough . Night Watch thieves originally discovered traces of nearly 60 years , regardless of physical or reaction with less than 30 years old are difficult to compare the thieves .



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