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for the love of college students

And all along , for the love of college students , although not opposed to long , but people are still accustomed to college mission and identity , so always ask for their focus on learning , maintaining the relative purity of thought and body. So for the purpose of love is to meet the physical needs of the motives, often without saying , but do not. This is a lot of parents , especially. The results of this survey will certainly make a lot of parents stunned. But there are also a lot of favor . http://spiral.onyxbits.de/node/3936 The reason is simple , Pleasures . Both men and women into the ranks of college adults . As adults, the right to dispose of their own sexual needs. Since it is normal to meet the physical needs of human needs , as long as legally voluntary , nothing can not be . What's more is now open era, in every aspect with the times. Love as a means to get to meet the physical needs , but also understandable. 'd Be surprised but not normal for that matter . Indeed, today's society has entered the era of pluralistic values . Love can in order to get married, which of course is the ultimate goal , but it is not the only goal. This is also the manifestation of social progress .



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