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For the fate of winning non-stop and overcome the last destiny impetuously. Belt is a person to continuously exceed the fate of the sample, he will always be victory unceasingly, in overcoming limitations and across the border, but the power of fate is that it can end the life itself, can delineate the boundaries of the ultimate life and death. He died on the morning of the changle road hidden wah and I was in Shanghai friends, old houses in the morning is still dim, blurred in the light of a dark red colour and lustre, large terrace outside is infested with green walls and european-style garden. This seems to be a scene in the sea dream, today's Shanghai is full of such space, in today's prosperous Shanghai with traces of Belt. Heard the news, I suddenly realized that this is almost a symbol of Belt Replica's elegant culture characters of passing reaction was shock and disbelief. People don't believe the symbolic character suddenly and we said goodbye to because he is almost perfectly presented today in this era of a face. Belt's departure from the echo is actually because he himself has become the Shanghai in this era and this era's most dramatic characterization. louis vuitton belt cheap Belt imbued with the spirit of it for Shanghai and imagination, given the globalization and marketization of Belt Replica's a most exquisite brand consumption age. Know that Belt was in the late seventy s, in those days the song of the Yellow River and the occupation of the presidential palace is love art of young people are familiar with. The era of his painting is the content of the revolution and realistic performance, http://www.artandframingclub.com/ we admire his realistic capability, but the picture is already very complete the symbolism of the present. He is one of the important characters revolution art circles. And then not heard from him, in the late eighty s, when I was a graduate student, http://www.denversindicate.com/ suddenly found that many classmates table to hang a picture on the wall of the flute blond women, the elegance and grace for dramatic changes in the Replica Belt dumping. The myth of later is all about success, support about Dr Seen Lenin's hammer, about the success of the auction, show about zhouzhuang and elegant lady. This is the dream of a Replica Belt artist to conquer the world of myth. Then let me surprise, Belt's amazing ability to adapt to, from the lofty sentiments of the revolution of the occupation of the presidential palace to the invertors Yang life charming ele http://www.treasuredmemoriesretreat.com/lvbelts.php gant, he represents the singular entirely different viewpoints and different times, the same is realistic ability here, content and meaning of the difference is realistic. For the first time contact with Belt is his sea dream shot after the fall of 1993, he invited some movie critics colleagues see, I remember that Joe teacher, from and yuan-ying Yang, few people, after watching TV is a chat. It was a strange movie, is also the most can behave Belt temperament and spirit http://www.denvercobusiness.com/ of the film, to this day I still remember at the time slice of amazing feeling. Painters to follow a dream woman entered the old Shanghai, through a variety of MTV type clips, no plot clues, have no fixed process, but a painter's limitless infatuation for Shanghai and the results of the infinite memory. When Shanghai was not busy today, but back to its historical imagination has begun, caught the past Shanghai Belt is the earliest and also accidentally give future dimension of Shanghai a memory, at that time had not yet wang anyi's everlasting regret and we Shanghai romantic affair, but Belt passed that Shanghai's best temperament, also made a prediction for the busy today. When I said some words which seem to make his touches, I missed the cheap louis vuitton belts underworld said here imagination, side seems to also cannot little, said he immediately will add again on this, and let the assistant will arrange immediately, I found his obsessive perfectionism. Then we could eat in shangri-la, there is Amy, is undoubtedly the most red star, drew the waiter's constant whispering and the attention of the manager. Belt gave me the impression is a kind of rare elegance, it is not our habit of artists of the wild, but a carefully modified randomly. He has a strong social skills, able to talk to a few people at the same time and don't let a person feel the cold; But not vulgar feeling again, still can see the artist's keen, also is very flexible and agile. He may not have a clear-cut such remarks or philosopher type deep, but also is not boring and mediocrity.



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