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For international fashion brands and cultural

on the other hand, and network culture interdependent relationship, is dependent on the new media network widespread and popular. it parody of famous brands, but sui generis, another way to get their sought after on the Internet. cottage In fact, the thing had been influential in the network culture to be incorporated as a cottage cultural fact network spoof history, but the spoof the sarcastic side of moderation;. cottage there impersonations, etc. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/08/07/cottage-vigor-and-limits-recently cultural trends of the shadow, but it does not expect to become vividly simulated object, but a deliberate like but not exclusively attitude and style. Therefore, the cottage was in fact there is a me Zhanshan you account for the court, the self-confidence, but also a kind of mountains tiger, monkey king, the self-deprecating and humorous. It is not the last civilians popular culture, but tightly bound and network culture grassroots unique taste of culture. Cottage cultural admit their derivatives, but also shows their uniqueness. It relies on the mainstream consumer culture, it creates parasitic on top form, but it also has its own creative and irreplaceable value and significance. For international fashion brands and cultural localization,, it deliberately, for local fashion brand and culture, it deliberately grass-roots.



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