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Football association punishment in

Football association punishment in the first time to be skin is not aggressive, doesn't make sense is raise moral stick, demean, lippi lack of laws and regulations consciousness, self-discipline consciousness, destroy the image of Gucci Belt football. Lippi and the football association of starting the job resisted the fa, might have irreconcilable, in the latest issue of the Gucci Belt autobiography thinking of competition, lippi specialized took out a chapter accused football association punishment for its absence of super cup, Italian old man, so far complained: in Italy, such a thing could not have happened. According to the provision of a miracle of the football association, http://stthomassource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/07/22/even-if-what-he-said-likely inappropriate comments in bench, were not allowed to coach on the bench command; If inappropriate comments at a news conference, you are prohibited to coach into the stadium. So the much-anticipated evergrande, the national security, the top war lippi won't go to Gucci Shop, not in the internal telephone remote control, if want to return to Italy he can be booked in advance ticket, enjoy the summer holiday, look at the Gucci Store broadcasts with family.



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