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fiscal revenue as a share of

Now, over the past 16 years, fiscal revenue as a share of GDP reached 18% to 20% of the world average level, if we keep this structure of inertia, a few years, the proportion will reach a high level of inappropriate. Based on the original product tax of value-added tax, has always been Replica Hermes Belt largest tax, has the nature of the security and comprehensive collection, almost all companies are the taxpayers. Buy Hermes Belt due to the reason of mechanism design, value-added tax, nominal pay by the enterprise, in fact, completely can be passed on to the final consumer, have the effect that higher commodity prices. If can gradually reduce and cancel the VAT, equivalent to increase household income and consumption, to expand domestic demand, be not. According to the 2009 budget figures released by the ministry of finance website, the national fiscal revenue last year, 5.8673 trillion, value added tax 1.9326 trillion, although this is the first, Buy Hermes Belt compared with quick half a decade ago, the importance is not.



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