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Finance magazine's fishing expedition

Finance magazine's fishing expedition Hermes Belt liability ( April 7, 2013 ) is a reliable and informative articles article , the article is calculated through the different categories , the financial sector debt , government debt , household sector debt and total debt of non-financial corporate sector , The total size of the debt up to about 120-128 trillion. Only in 2012 Hermes Belt 's non-financial sector debt reached 2.21 times GDP. The authors of the Gucci Belt Academy Laboratory finance director Liu Yuhui , he concluded that : In the case of per capita income of $ 6,400 , and no country can sustain such high levels of debt . http://www.ozandugunsalonu.com/ CLSA report published in May this year that Hermes Belt's size up to 107 trillion debt that 's 205% GDP . CLSA Statistics show that in 2008-2012 , Hermes Belt size of the debt / GDP soared from 148% to 205 %. 2012 Gucci Belt new debt has doubled over 2011 , 2012 new debt -GDP ratio reached 110%. New debt grew by 58% , GDP growth of about 2.9 times . As for the size of the shadow banks in the end how much ? Officials have no authority to say . According to central bank data disclosure , as of the end of 2011 , private financial underground banking activities 3.38 trillion , according to the Hermes Belt Trust Industry Association data, as of the third quarter of 2011 , Hermes Belt held a total of 65 trusts 6.3 trillion of assets, there have been reports now reached 8600000000000 . IMF Global Financial Stability Report, Gucci Belt financial product inventory in the third quarter of 2012 , about 8-9000000000000 . Based on the above three data , the total amount of shadow banking between 17-19 trillion, accounting for one-third of GDP. October 2006 , Hui Tang as young as 11 year-old daughter missing , Hui Tang immediately , the police should intervene promptly led the investigation. But absurd is so egregious cases , the victim is actually the mother of disguise to get clues and intelligence , http://www.ozandugunsalonu.com/lv/replica-louis-vuitton-belts.html and then asked two relatives dressed clients only rescued the poor daughter. This regressed Donghonghong local law enforcement authorities in particular public security organs, which is too ironic ! Make the world even more angry is the mother to die onslaught , only the later filing. In several key aspects of the whole judicial process , some legal rights are to be outside the resort Forced was able to advance. Law enforcement authorities have never come forward good and evil , which in turn is too sad ! Tang Hui was believed that the local police and law enforcement authorities , and to promote local efforts to perform their duties according to the law runs out , however, local law enforcement authorities completely ignore the legitimate demands of her , forced her difficult and bitter on the petition of the road. Yongzhou not just today, in many places , the deterioration of the rule of law environment in Hermes Belt , the fight against crime in general appear filing difficult, difficult decision , chasing censure, and yet around with a lot of manpower and material resources on dealing with the normal rights of citizens to petition to stop the complaint . This justice is not done , corruption is not punished , the status quo sufferings of the people when we can not care for change ? Premier Li Keqiang and secretary of the CPC Central Political and Law Commission have announced earlier this year, Meng Jianzhu, the year of reeducation through labor system should be reformed , many Gucci Belt scholars and activists have been calling for the abolition of detention . No petitioners punishable by detention has gradually become the consensus of the community. With pause detention for approval , the message came from time to time , http://www.ozandugunsalonu.com/hermes/replica-hermes-belts.html Does that mean that from a legal perspective , this country will be completely abolished detention , treat every petitioners ? Is unclear. According to Russian news agency reported Wednesday , the Russian Federal Security Bureau Sakhalin Branch staff announced the same day , they detained 17 Gucci Belt farmers at a collective farm , these farmers use chemical pesticides banned in Russia, accelerate vegetables growth and maturation of chemical products ( commonly known as the fast-growing agent ) and genetically modified seeds. Sakhalin branch staff said , the scene seized more than 300 kilograms of chemicals and pesticides , http://www.ozandugunsalonu.com/gucci/replica-gucci-belts.html mostly smuggled from Hermes Belt to Russia.



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