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Everyone know the importance of university

namely "the Wealth of Nations" (the Wealth ofNations)), the first part, the write of is the principle of division of labor, he fully affirmed division of labor contriBuy Designer Beltion to improve labor productivity. However, no money, division of impossible. , for hundreds of years, the university is mainly the mantle of human civilization, as well as new knowledge and new techniques and the main birthplace of civilization, Buy Designer Belt just as religious sites need to donate to survive, the university should also be a steady stream of huge capital support. America's top universities, including Harvard university (Harvard), Yale, Yale university, Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), etc., are the foundation, has considerable financial assets, and financial experts. Professor did not pay, the master and big, how can deign to these knowledge of private universities, eagerness that is old almanac. No money, which come style of building, so many good students, how can enjoy the best higher education in the world? Economist John Maynard Keynes (Keynes), was at the university of Cambridge foundation staff. http://www.drinkcoba.com/



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