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everyone has a lei feng in the heart

http://www.intocartoon.com/ In other words,action to the pursuit of moral self-improvement, he would be as lei feng - when is the most beautiful mother wu juping reached out to the children of strangers, she is lei feng. When Bill Gates to donate some money set up charitable foundations, he is a lei feng, Few days ago in wuhan lost bike heyuan rev ichiro, Japanese also have the shadow of lei feng, the traveler in the universal is also a medical volunteer, when he presented a medicines to the people in the poor areas, he becomes a lei feng. So, the process of learning from lei feng, is actually a process of moral self-improvement, this process needs more self-reflection, everyone need to fully motivate themselves to the power of good. Sanlian bookstore in 2006 published the 1940-1962, lei feng, lei feng's life has been presented, and the historical value of lei feng's spirit connotation and era, there are two sentences I'm impressed with - everybody is looking for his own lei feng, the country is looking for his own lei feng. How to find their own individual lei feng? My understanding is that is trying to pursue personal value realization at the same time, to shoulder more social responsibility; State how to find your own lei feng? My understanding is that through the continuous improvement of the rule of law to promote civic, social moral perfection. To curb the ubiquity of the phenomenon, Cheap Versace Belt food industry association has organized the first eight liquor companies such as maotai, wuliangye foreign commitments, will be open to the public's wine sales channels, networks and supply the original confidential information; Public counterfeit products is investigated. (March 26), the Cheap Versace Belt news more than ten days ago, guizhou moutai co., LTD., released a relevant for publication of the wine has been shut down for 10 years, was the industry as a blow to exclusively on the market all kinds of maotai liquor. People suddenly understand, the so-called business celebration wine, military area commands for wine, state organs logistics procurement for wine such as maotai banner dongdong, all is fake.



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