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even when walking is also a controversial

Wu Xiaoman: even when walking is also a controversial more economists, do you prefer he is related to your own situation? Yi xianrong, a: even when walking in the article is not dispute this way of writing, but his academic views, dispute is ideology. In the east, how deep he opened up a kind of economics or it is hard to understand the principles of economics into the form of a people easy to understand, accept, opened up a way of writing this article, it is more important. If from the perspective of political ideology to see, each person has a lot of controversy, but these are not important. I define myself as a public intellectual Wu Xiaoman: usually more controversial, attention is more also. http://www.directoriodosexo.com/ Mr. Yi is also a high-profile and controversial economist, what do you think a economists should pay attention to public life, or to make achievements in the theory and professional? The two can be compatible relationship? Mr Yi: actually it's very simple, as an intellectual, as an economist, or as the representative of an enterprise, as a professor at the university? Should see yourself in what role, if I were a firm's chief economist, I will from the perspective of my interests, my service for my business, that it doesn't matter. Now our society is a wrong, think economists, a professor at the university of service for the enterprise to be wrong. That there's nothing wrong, but you do this to tell society, what I am doing, I who is in for service, for example I am haier's economist, is going to tell people I'm service for haier, such as cicc economist, you are going to tell everyone you are cicc network service, so your location is haier, positioning in the enterprise. But don't speak, I is haier's economist, I am a social public intellectuals, is a professor at the university, this kind of thing is not an option. In this case, if the assumption that I am a professor at the university, I with my students, my professor knowledge, teach students the knowledge of economics. If I were a public intellectual, I'll do three: first,http://www.directoriodosexo.com/versace/replica-versace-belt.html must have the professional knowledge, so that you can have the ability to analyze problems, some problems to have a clear understanding; Second, we should have a basic moral conscience, see a problem we all have our idea or point of view, this requires you to criticize things and see things stand which side, public intellectuals must stand up in the social public benefit thinking, think about standing in the national interest, when you see a problem at this time will be on the point of public interests, Third, there is a critical spirit to the society, what has happened to this social problem, the problem how to think, how to think to tell you, so you can have a more profound understanding and reflection to, and find the key problem. With these three aspects, have the quality of a public intellectual. Wu Xiaoman: you just said to public responsibility of intellectuals, you positioning itself as a public intellectual or an economist? Yi xianrong, a: public intellectuals of the three, including the us must have a good professional knowledge, or there will be no way to go to these questions carries on the analysis and thinking, I should be more a public intellectuals. Wu Xiaoman: now many economists place more sweat words by a lot of people, such as by interest groups or so, I don't know what you think about this question? Yi xianrong, a: as I've explained very clearly, it is not important. Is to position himself clearly, if he is a government officials stood in the Angle of the government, if he as an enterprise's chief economist, http://www.directoriodosexo.com/versace/replica-versace-sunglasses.html he must seeks the benefit for the enterprise, he represents the interests of enterprises. But the key problem is that you can't both public intellectuals, but also benefits for the enterprise services, government services and service for the universities, don't put the concept of mixed together. For the people of us must make this point clear.



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