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especially after fang and han yell

First, starts from the end of han, , to be on the high tide, countless people involved, not only led to a split in the public opinion, and brought to a new understanding, think in the past some idol collapse of the heart. Since then known, it is not so nice word. This is the original planning selection those unexpected public intellectuals. Second, since the recent times, there are several names known about events, let the public know the smelly. Past gentle, persuade impression of intellectuals, suddenly became a synonym for the mob, his street alley with gangsters, a word out of each other with good, is surprised unceasingly, also let the public know reputation fall further. Louis Vuitton Belt known, is questioned by the individual learning character, or has the performance of the indecent, seen from a deeper because, contemporary LV Belt For Sale public intellectual and traditional or western sense of public intellectuals are quite different. Produced in the context of Louis Vuitton Belt special public intellectuals is not entirely with basic is the recognized standards or characteristics of public intellectuals. Traditional or western sense of public intellectuals, generally refers to the academic background and the professional quality of the peculiarity, actors, advised to society and participate in public affairs has a critical spirit and moral act as an ideal. Buy Louis Vuitton Belt due to reasons known to all, the contemporary LV Belt For Sale intellectuals is typical of the intellectuals in the cage, no matter what the sense of the intellectuals, such as technical secondary school degree or above can calculate the kind of intellectuals, or an expert in the field, or humanistic intellectuals, or is considered to be senior intellectuals of this home, home that they generally only in specialized areas of their own careers, contriBuy Louis Vuitton Belte to society, and it comes to social states and participate in public affairs, the critical spirit and moral bear



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