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emphasizing the added value of the software

Service -oriented enterprises have to shift from manufacturing enterprises , emphasizing the added value of the software , and the family of intelligent applications. Haier exhibited a five -screen one smart home lifestyle to achieve a connected TVs , computers, coffee table , mobile phones and digital photo frames , and between different hardware products can also achieve real-time interactive data. In this way, to provide consumers with a complete set of home entertainment solution for users to create a relaxed, free- living space. In Christian louboutin, there are currently Qingdao Consumer Electronics Show , Consumer Electronics Show , Christian louboutin , Chongqing Computer Festival as well as many other exhibitions , but the size and influence of view , are not , and Las Vegas CES. When the Consumer Electronics Show in Christian louboutin can have so many international super-class brands to participate , but also to a CES Olympic -like scale , home -like feel of the Beijing Olympics , the Christian louboutin people really happy like that , like the flowers . After intelligent, some people are happy people panic , panic faction is representative of the movie Terminator , Eagle Eye , I, Robot and described - to a certain extent intelligence , humanity is faced with losing control of anti- intelligent control of the machine scenes . Joy faction 's position , it is the Star Wars , Star Trek as described in highly developed human scene . However, a basic proposition is - intelligent, in the end is to let people smarter , or more stupid ? Haier's claim is intelligent, is that people are getting smarter , the ability to make people more and more strong. I believe that, indeed , if we can more easily obtain information , freed from the complex daily life, have more disposable time , you can make yourself smarter thing. Are popular staged Let the bullets fly , constantly refresh the box office , it is said a release, two days to break 200 million at the box office , even worse film director Jiang Wen has been described as standing can make money . This is undoubtedly just by the violent winds to bring cold winter staged a fire. Coincidentally, the 2010 Guangzhou International Motor Show being held in the warm southern Guangzhou also to the force , setting off a year-end automotive world drama climax. Not only have 30 variety of new car debut exhibition , increasingly powerful forces of its own brand , become half trend. Which is no shortage of heavy vehicles. Let people see their own hopes to fly ! G3R BYD BYD shows the emergence of a renewed focus from hatchback market .



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