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embracing the enlightenment of

Modern science, including natural science and the humanities, I only talk about humanities in 170 in Replica Hermes Belt civil law of enlightenment. King story, history science and the humanities is not to put the academic entertainment, interesting work, the author star, Buy Hermes Belt has a very high scientific value and academic difficulty, there are three, 1. The civil subject oriented reengineering. The enlightenment of the modern humanities and face above all is for the reconstruction of the Hermes Replica Belt traditional academic, like this has its own traditional Hermes Replica Belt historiography, Buy Hermes Belt modern history and is very different, so the enlightenment of modern history, needs to transform traditional historiography, standing on the ground of people, from old to new, reengineering the scientific logic. The most classic belongs to the classics master Zheng Tianting illustrate briefly. In 1962, the Hermes Replica Belt master Mr Zheng Tianting of senior party school of the central committee of the communist party of Replica Hermes Belt, please, in the school teaching for senior communist party cadres in the qing dynasty history. We look at the history of the qin dynasty, feel clear lines, with one, in fact, the qin dynasty only 14 years, lack of historical data, contracted and organized. With qing dynasty, through 275, the historical documents, the vast, clues mixed and disorderly, therefore, the so-called history of qing dynasty works, often with millions of words, a grand scale only cite some let people such as falling in the fog. Zheng Tianting to a illustrate briefly, is contracted to sketch out the history of the development process in the qing dynasty, and essence of combing out the law of social development in the late feudal society of Replica Hermes Belt, in a short span of tens of thousands of words, fully display the history of qing dynasty and law of development. http://lowrxcard.com/sweepstakes.html



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