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Due to traffic accident endangering public

Due to traffic accident endangering public security by courts sentenced to capital punishment in the domestic first, since this case has caused great controversy in the judiciary and the folk. Purpose of this article is not to discuss the rights and wrongs of the verdict, but should want to talk about a lawyer to defend the bad guys. News, said in court, the families of the dead in tears asked two female lawyer: why do you want to justify the man? ...... So bad! The victim suffered infamy, two families instantaneous crushing, the families of the dead in court, no matter how mood out of control manners, is understandable. I can't understand is that in the news network comments, there are more than half net friend joined shelled lawyers, more representative point of view is: the perspective-taking, if the lawyer's family died in the accident, what defense lawyer? Empathy is a very interesting words, this kind of thinking method derived from Confucianism highly praised work, mean he want to put yourself in for others, is a very noble moral character, is also advocated in today's society.




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