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due to a substantial income

due to a substantial income , I soon bought his own house and furniture , I do not when at home , his girlfriend live in my house , be to take care of the house and furniture. usually on a business trip , in order to be able to meet regularly with her , I help her buy a computer and video , so I stayed down every time a city , online video can also meet her resolve Blanc. sometimes, she would Xiu Xiu her hot body, increase my Acacia, said she likes it , look at me envious of the way, so I do not out of empathy love to come back early to tell the truth , when I see her when the devil , indeed increased somewhat hearts. day went on like that one day , when I was in Kunming to her video , turn on the computer and found her online, but she is not open video , I have a message that she did not respond , she did not return phone messages , I do not know what she was doing , or what happened . usual , we are basically at the appointed time to open a video chat like this the uncharacteristically situation she never had . desperation, I had to give me a man living in the same building to call , so he went to see my family as soon as possible , is there anything this man went to pick up the phone to my house like a gust of wind , knocked on the door of no response for a long time , just when he was leaving , a man from the inside to explore the probe, to leave. buddy found this article there , then give me a call and I hurried back to leave things in the hands of Fortunately , his girlfriend also know Murder , and on condition that they lay ten exchanges say. said that the cause is an online video , she said she was a person lonely , often online later found the man and talk to her come , one to two to feel it a little bit , and later video , a man found her body good , busty , then staring at her like flies , and then talk to his bed was shot nude , she had also wanted to close hand, but he was naked blackmail , constantly asked her to date him . later, while I was traveling came to my house . Had this been wrecked , they do not know for how long? ! see her like an atonement I have no assertive . think she is a victim , too simple and fooled , I had to forgive her and give her an ultimatum , not allowed to be a next time . threats do not be afraid of him , and if he again entangled , be sure to alarm . saw her a pair of helpless look, I decided to give her another chance .



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