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Down on the opposite of pro

Down on the opposite of pro, is law enforcement and legal operators, if black car disrupted traffic order, the harm, after all, is limited; And the opposite of phishing law enforcement is the government's credibility and the conscience of society as a whole - in a barrage of take the bait, people in imperceptible in lost the sense of justice and compassion, in the long term, we will face a more and more indifferent society, a society everywhere need to beware of, an absolute don't talk to strangers society. Two evils, we would rather lose some black car, also can't tolerate the existence of phishing law enforcement. http://www.drfrederickcook.com/nonegenuine.htm All yesterday evening a blog post, the blogger suggested that judicial authorities investigate phishing law enforcement, his reason is that if the phishing law enforcement is true, then the law enforcement behavior not only suspected of illegal evidence, and seriously violated citizen's property rights and personal freedom, has been suspected of violating the law. My advice is good for this. In addition, phishing law enforcement of public officials abuse of power and influence peddling, discipline inspection departments can't sit back.



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