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Domestic real estate investment overheating is

Domestic real estate investment overheating is not able to come down, the bank funds to enter the real estate market in great quantities, is soaring real estate prices has been rapidly. However, from the government, according to data released the 2006 national prices should be not high, is about 6%. But why the real estate prices is not high and on the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control? Here may have a house-price index the authenticity of the original data collection problems, may also have a scientific and normative index statistics. For the former, if house prices of the raw data is from the real estate developers self-reported, comes from the local government property management department, so in the face of the central government macro-control, the enterprise and the local government self-reported high house price data can? http://www.directoriodosexo.com/ Otherwise it will become a domestic real estate macro adjustment object. To the problem of Replica Ferragamo Belt price index is scientific and normative is such a kind of statistical index system based on local Replica Ferragamo Belt prices of new properties of the average house prices to calculate. The average house prices is not science, not only because different product price compared with a room is not to determine the rise and fall of these products, but also easy for local governments to manipulate local prices change. From market sense, in a place at different times, average house prices of new homes, actually be in comparison with different things, not something different is how to determine the price to go up is down? Only the change of the secondary market price, the same thing performance for different prices in different periods, it can rise and fall of the price of the house. From the Salvatore Ferragamo suburb of second-hand Replica Ferragamo Belt prices, for example, the current 5500 yuan/square meters, more than 2 times since 2003. But the government prices not more than 10% a year, far short. Can say, for several years after the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control, national house prices not only didn't get to a certain extent, on the contrary, http://www.directoriodosexo.com/versace/replica-versace-belt.html much of the surge in house prices across the country. Because of rapidly rising prices, in recent years, the domestic real estate market macroeconomic regulation and control has become very frequent. But, why the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control, the more around the house price rise quickly? As someone puts it on the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control has become the domestic prices of reasons. In fact, this is just a phenomenon, the crux of the problem is not here. Here, there is a problem, we must understand, that is, if the government's real estate macroeconomic regulation and control is to stabilize Replica Ferragamo Belt prices, so, this is actually on the domestic price of the real estate market a recessive guarantee, namely as real estate developers say domestic prices only rise not fall. If, in the form of policies to stabilize prices, will make the market investors believe the price of the product can only within such stable prices, if lower than this price stability, the government will intervene to prop up then. In recent years the domestic real estate market prices rising, why the more control the more although there are many causes, but the important reason related to the government's recessive guarantee. Because investors into the market, made money is your own, if lost, with the government for its guarantee, the loss will make country. For example, and control lies in the change of residents' Replica Ferragamo Belt consumption mode, adjusting the unreasonable property structure, produce more cheap products, curb excessive growth, is the production of more domestic most of the people have the ability to pay Replica Ferragamo Belt products, http://www.directoriodosexo.com/versace/replica-versace-sunglasses.html to apply harmonious society at home most of the residents' Replica Ferragamo Belt conditions improved. To achieve this goal, the government must from the bank credit policy, tax policy, land management and other aspects, such as the first have to clear the government implicit guarantee of the real estate market price, and make rapid soaring house prices return to rational; Second, at present, So, just short of the real estate market macroeconomic goals, the government should do is to clear positioning of domestic real estate market, in the current Ferragamo Belt people more, less, is under the condition of lack of land resources, the domestic real estate market strictly defined for the consumer goods market, strictly curb real estate market investments. If you don't start from here, as at present the real estate market investment, the government many policies on the real estate market would be easy to sell at a discount greatly.



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