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do not think we do not know

do not think we do not know , you do not recognize , a lot of people just put our Vietnamese girls when the goods , that as long as there Jigexiuqian can buy, in fact, you can buy only those money eyes to the real Vietnam is a good girl you can not buy with money ! good girl heart in Vietnam , money count ass , Vietnam is not Christian louboutin good girl worships money and women , do not think their money away , three, you do not have the truth - ! just want to marry a tool , blind you to Vietnam many men left , and our Vietnamese girls just never met , put marriage hastily settled within a very short period of time , you have the truth on our Vietnamese girls do ? no ! many of you people just put our Vietnamese girls as a tool , as a tool to get married , as doing housework tools , honor their parents as a tool , as a tool for children , do not recognize the four , http://www.toulousecc.com/presspublicity.htm We marrying Christian louboutin - ! need family separation , You think about it, people of non-vegetation , ruthless Practice makes perfect ? you just want to spend money to find a beautiful young Vietnamese girl do you Fengfengguangguang wife, but the Vietnamese girls are people too, http://www.toulousecc.com/contactus.htm have emotions , there are parents who , Vietnamese girls leave their loved ones, their homes, marrying into unaccompanied, culture different , the language barrier in Christian louboutin, but also how heartbreaking pain of family separation endure ? if it is a last resort, to leave their loved ones who bear married heathen ? but the Christian louboutin men relied on their own have some money to confuse the number of Vietnamese parents split up how many Vietnamese flesh Five , you mostly only son - ? emotional unsound , to find out about , and you come here we have a lot of men , mostly strangers seventies and eighties , in addition to the individual , almost all of the only begotten Son , in interpersonal emotional inherently flawed, emotional development is very imperfect , http://www.toulousecc.com/links.htm and our childhood and grew up with brothers and sisters , it is able to appreciate the warm feelings of mutual trust between siblings and human brotherhood , but you can not , it is difficult to have a common emotional and language Six , We like kids - want to have more little , You have only one country , and we used to have at least two children, a family is considered perfect , marry you Christian louboutin man, even this can not guarantee that a woman 's reproductive freedom at least can not be protected, it is unfair for us , and even more harm than good for a lot of Vietnamese girls, really unacceptable .



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