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do not see them as so-called initiatives fueling

do not see them as so-called initiatives fueling the tourism industry , but they use the silent action , a solid foundation work , standardized management and services , the tourism industry is doing a bang, this may be due to their natural condition , but I think this is more due to their for the tourism industry one step ahead of consciousness , as elsewhere in the country , but did not have good natural conditions for tourism industry 's bigger and more yes. so this is a basic truth of life, to get something , do not be too insolent, lost when things do not be too grief . By Misfortune blessing , Fu Xi disaster , is this truth. What kind of person do in life , the truth of life can often be inspired , if not so hairy Maotouxiaohuo Cao Cao , and one who will understand the truth and, therefore, not pleased , not to have compassion , everything especially sometime that is cool a sign of maturity . Before and after the National Day , I went to private business to twice the Shandong Peninsula , Shandong witnessed great changes have taken place in the peninsula since the reform and opening up, seen along the way , not only to improve the material life demonstrated by the rich , but also feel the material conditions change Expansion and improvement in the level of civilization brought human spirit , but also to feel the change and pioneers of the concept of the human spirit peninsula . I do not surmise shallow measurements, pick up little pieces to satisfy everyone . Family-style service --
- journey arrived in Qingdao Railway Station is no longer lonely midnight , after ten hours of traveling back and forth, tired already hit. Because even went to Yantai , stepped off the train in a hurry to rush to the Quartet on the bus station several kilometers away , in the process , was also good preparation for the fight slaughtered . Qingdao late autumn morning chill enveloped , we want to taxi out of the station and walked . We open until ready yet , down a taxi driver , active and greet us , for this we have already commonplace, the heart also has to prepare for , but it is still bite the bullet and go past a word . When he learned that two of our party is to square the station, immediately beckoned to a taxi driver's side and told us that the car just to go to the station square , you give 10 dollars on the line, and also took the initiative put our luggage and car trunk , we jeopardy the heart come down , then we are all playing , this journey takes 12 yuan fare , which makes us very surprised many places riding midnight the situation here is totally cheating is not required precautions. Qingdao reached first experience at the train station on the left good impression. Coincidentally, in Qingdao, Yantai experienced coach on , leaving me with the management of the peninsula for civilization admiration . In Qingdao, Yantai and sent to Qingdao, Yantai, long-distance bus , the entire journey takes more than three hours . In this bus , and from the few times we have been serving the aviation design , particularly impressive . In my memory , when just the rise of high-speed passenger , and for inter-city high-speed passenger trains, planes competition , improve quality by means of buses , have adopted airline -style service , a time to let people feel the long distance bus ride enjoy good , but not last , be able to maintain existing services have been down this a few , including some leading metropolitan service are worthy of the name , but on the tour bus , I did receive the aviation -style service , when a return to the real God . Just sit tight on the car , the crew will have a beautiful lady with a standard Mandarin and fluent English say hello to everyone , simple precautions confessed journey , Miss crew elegant posture , smile , pleasant , warm and fluent in the language , as well as meticulous care , so we immediately eliminate the previous fatigue. Upscale bus traveling smoothly in green - the smoke Senior Highway , shortly after I went to sleep dreamily ride .



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