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demonstrate whether their violations

Earn more than 1,700 yuan , 1,620 yuan was charged , only a mere 100 yuan, depleted, with the proceeds to pay very asymmetric , this is a people pathos specimens. Rather than working hard outlines of the underlying is not easy , as said indiscriminate excessive charges , has given way to the self-employed miserable , pull dragged the pace of wealth through hard work small businesses .Pay so much so high that there is no unreasonable ? Seen from the reports , led by the Hunan Provincial Price Bureau , Changsha Municipal Price Bureau , Bureau of Commerce , Trade and Industry Bureau and other relevant departments to participate in the Red Star big market closing Fee survey conducted , Red Star big market is not standardized charging behavior problems do exist . Just do not regulate ? There is no arbitrary charges ? Whether there extortion , such MBTkayao ? Relevant departments should further investigation cleared Chu .Fees are too many , not only led merchants thin profits , but also boost the price rise, increased the burden on consumers . As a large market operators in the Red relevant traders frankly , fruit dealers do not lose money Health Italy, after costs are additional , this cost ultimately passed on to consumers . When it comes to high prices , people first think of the logistics costs are high, complained highway toll is high, it now appears, venue management fees, admission Transaction fees and also an important factor . Fruit merchant Xu Wanqin been charged , there is a noteworthy --- Market Management Department charged her 900 yuan , is mentioned in the news on a daily fee of $ 300 venue operators calculated . Whether or not the venue fee , this fee seemed high. In general, fruit merchants to enter the market, should be The pay a venue fee , transaction fee, which is understandable, but a fruit stall , the three days will be deducted Market Management Department 900 yuan , which is worth a good profiling analysis, demonstrate whether their violations.



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