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Corruption exists in three forms

See the title of this article, perhaps a lot of people to produce the kind of big corrupt officials face heinous misdeeds came to light feeling: One can not help from costal channeling anger up. In fact, when we put the characteristics of corruption and involvement in the form of the public to make a brief, lest someone think they can hardly be excluded.
Corruption exists in three forms: First, the corruption of power. Liu Zhijun, Liu Tienan is the corruption of power, exposing CCTV Hebei Wuyi County Public Security Bureau also make things difficult for the masses of staff corruption of power. The abuse of public power for all those who belong to the corruption of power. Because the use of large and small power Eaglecrest Sitekayao are in the alienation of power, distortion power. Extreme terms, according to the standard measure of Scandinavia or Western countries, is difficult to have our public servants who are not corrupt. Second, seek the blessing of the powers of corruption. Whether it is the right money, power and sex trade, but also whether it is active or passive behavior, as long as the cause results to corruption, should be attributed to corruption. As a standard to measure, a large part of people are corrupt, and can even be said that those who participate in social activities are difficult to get out. Because we need to spend money to find people to do things has become a commonly held values of the people. Why chased out of the newly discovered captain, housing chief, the amount of these minor official corruption as high as tens of millions or tens of millions, and why almost every corrupt official has a huge amount of property from unidentified sources, with the public's values and behaviors of corruption way closely related. Again, tolerance and acquiescence of the corruption of power. As already mentioned, produced a large number of corrupt officials, corrupt society must have a manufacturing environment and soil. We are intentionally or unintentionally provide the conditions for the corruption, cultivate the soil. For example, the public generally held nothing to do with an armchair criteria, even tacit tolerance of corrupt behavior can be described, leading to corruption who have nothing to fear



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