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Commentary after news that may be more

Commentary after news that may be more to consider than program is not worthwhile , the question is, Do they need , worthwhile issue. In fact , need not , worth is also not a problem, good clothes, no one needs , if that is not his own pocket who would feel worthy . The problem is not just because of the civil service a need to spend money recklessly .Despite the rise of the invoice written on a business name, but they insisted that the parties units in place arrangements for the special funds , but also through the higher authorities for approval, was only after approval by the purchase . If this is true , that was to give this jacket and wearing a coat layer of government procurement .If, as they say, there is a special fund for the purchase and after the approval, then the problem may become significant. People have never heard of this special fund is where to come out ? This is what the special fund it ? Its name is called Nanjing Construction Committee to buy clothes at the safety assessment of special funds or called unified image of the special funds mean ? This special is how to project , but also how it ?In addition, if this thing as a government procurement , then , with the previously reported such as astronomical U disk, astronomical urban equipment, computers and other government procurement price may be different in nature . Although those who have a high price prefixed , but found that price is the process of public information from the government found . And this jacket but quietly to wear in the body , if not the reporter carefully , I am afraid there is no one can find .Even more interesting is the responsible person 's response was that you say this hair that is not made, this is certainly not good , we are also treated as a job , find a unified look better image . As he said this meant, it seems is : we do not want a human hair one , but for image reasons, only wronged themselves what to wear clothes that more than 3,000 yuan , and saw got cheaper still cold , never seen cold to sell so righteous .



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