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can purify the heart come down for

cultural tolerance, equal to culture, nebula the master said, the cultural equality, first to peer-to-peer communication with the world. Nebula master said that culture is a kind of life, including language, habits, opinions and thoughts, is a kind of new means well. And with queen mother see foreign official of zhao, ask tax story, for example, suggests that culture should have tolerance, equality, of all ethnic groups are a family, and cross-strait peace, they must first be equal, to achieve real peace. Master hsing volunteers and volunteers, training and heart practice, interpretation of the Gucci Belt nation attaches great importance to the filial piety righteousness Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, elegant culture and purification effect are pointed out. Master hsing further, Buddhism emphasizes without me, if everybody in the I as the center, war, http://www.thebeachbungalowsl.com/ duel will emerge, advocate the culture at the same time, also to promote love, peace and tolerance. For the how to do without me? Master hsing in European football stories, for example. Pointed out that without me realm of respect, harmony, in the supreme worth of the goodness of the citing taixu master said: no I and compassion, to maintain world peace. The master smiled and said: easier said than done, without me, for the masses, to encourage all culture, make a concerted effort to the world. Life is the same, because the world still have unequal, so we hope that equality, must also strive for equality, nebula said the master, we don't lose heart, to continue efforts to promote culture and education, respect, tolerance of different existence, like facial features department of their use, can purify the heart come down for a long time.



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