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can let us in the change of the world

Conscious efforts in this respect, therefore, can let us in the change of the world situation, to play to the initiative at the same time, guide and dominate and agenda setting, really enhance our soft power. From a new change of the film the consumer trend recently, has caused the phenomenon of public debate to two worthy of our concern, also reflects the change of the new consumption trend. One is recently a lot of people are discussing in the big cities in the so-called ant tribe phenomenon. Is also some small and medium-sized cities from young people in large cities can't find the right place in the metropolis, and livelihoods, enormous pressure. http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/08/04/long-opposition-and-questioned Of course for their situation in these comments need to be concerned with the proper requirements, there are also many people think they can actually in his hometown of lower-tier cities find wider development space and opportunities. Because now the second - and third-tier cities development is rapid, is rapidly to form a new opportunity. Many young people think that small town there is no chance, life boring, uninformed long-term habitual concepts formed in fact already has changed quite rapidly. Everyone has seen some of high-speed development of the mainland's second - and third-tier cities. The construction speed, the development speed is amazing. And these cities housing prices or average prices are far cheaper than megalopolis, enjoy the life of the service level and are unlikely to be less than big cities, and their social connections will be far more larger cities, more easy to find the strong point of the life and career.



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