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can be unlimited sacrifice citizens' private rights

http://www.sciencefictionsites.com/These are all can be expected, but real estate registration system in the end is just a database, not on its own to undertake the important task of anti-corruption. From the level of system design, never allow anyone to officials of the real estate registration data, also difficult to achieve the anti-corruption. In real estate transactions, the parties concerned is dealt with register is entirely voluntary, just not registered may bear the unfavorable legal consequences. If an official property by dishonesty, he can choose not to register, even if is dealt with register, can also be home temporarily registered in someone else, or by taking advantage of their office to handle multiple id card, hu kou book to register. Thus, corruption, there's a lot of false registration, which makes the registration system should have the credibility of the serious damage. And the registration of a flawed system, even will make more opportunities for corruption. In addition, the official property is not only the housing, the housing was stare tight, some corrupt officials will be more property into account or gold jewelry. Count system of real property registration system a recruit the enemy, or not to take off the band-aid, becoming mold, hard to avoid exhaustive. The current personal information leakage problem is very serious in our country, all kinds of fraud crime, if for the sake of anti-corruption can by hook or by crook, can be unlimited sacrifice citizens' private rights, clearly against the rule of law principles. Though unified real estate registration system for anti-corruption power, but it itself does not replace the anti-corruption system.



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