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but children can no longer enjoy

but children can no longer enjoy family happiness, cannot have a healthy life. Imagine if the us government to provide institutional aid to such unhappy family and if our hospital for congenital severe or disability baby free treatment, can largely avoid the fate of many of the children abandoned? Every child is parents of children, every child is also the country's children. Maybe baby safety island will not reduce abandoned, but it gives us a revelation: countries have an obligation to give each has come into the world of life to build a safety island, let him (her) coming with dignity, a dignified life, the last to leave with dignity. Doing so may have to pay a heavy social costs, but in life, http://www.intocartoon.com/ humanity first, before the human society is the supreme law of such efforts will prove to be worth it. His name is xiao-lin wang, born in 1970, hubei shiyan yun county Yang Xi town Liu Wan village 6 groups of people. He was the first college student in the village, giving up her job after graduation, living alone in the home for 14 years, don't do things don't even want to cook, only eat raw vegetables in the winter, like a wild man, finally was found dead in the home, home suspected starve to death. On March 12, when the neighbor to see him through the window again, his body was stiff, nobody knows what he is died. (the Yangtze river business daily on March 18, xiao-lin wang died, died in a revival, the season of the grass sprout out of the earth. Xiao-lin wang die very no dignity. A graduate in the 1990 s, used to be the pride of the whole village, is at the age of heyday, progressive, but because of the extreme abandon, because of the extraordinary lazy, themselves alive starved to death. People sigh from xiao-lin wang's death, but few people sympathize with him, because this person has a lot of hate.



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