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but absolutely can't say hate

but absolutely can't say hate. As for his very cow, is very busy, that is understandable - it is by tourism, and local government officials make fatigue bombing, exploding overnight, has to deal with many media interviews, this just free body a few days! If for me, who all don't love take reason, at the moment is one of the more honest laozhao. How much money for now, said countries should compensate zhao zuohai. Laozhao have to 650000 yuan including national compensation of 500000 yuan, the life difficult subsidies of 150000 yuan, the calculation is based on the day of the laozhao squat DaYu, compensate the money till at roughly, http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/09/05/havent-behind-common-sense-often Lao zhao torture by the public security organs can be how to calculate? Procuratorial organs under the situation of insufficient evidence for someone to Sue, do you want to pay? Local politics and law committee convened minor three set the tone for this case, the momentum will be a citizen of no killing convicted murderers, is there no responsibility? So for someone who is only one court to state compensation should never be.



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