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became the most simple and most direct

became the most simple and most direct, money the fastest ways to get rich. In accordance with the relevant laws, the rural land owned by the village collective, so appreciation income of land capitalization after also should be equitable sharing by the villagers. However, when the villagers in the hands of land from one year can only play a few hundred years food per acre to appreciation potential gold mine, village officials as the power of the local tyrant will start work in one village , http://www.annamariahemingway.com/list-81.html the collective all land become village officials. In many villages, land circulation, value-added process more by the villagers, the villagers basic lost voice, and the government at a higher level of supervision is also useless. Said in the news, some corrupt village officials to conceal, to deceive, and seize the government of all kinds of compensation, money, accepting bribes from the developers, and stretched out his hand with all kinds of excuses to farmers bribes, profit from the government, enterprises, the three heads. Such regulation on a pay passport sit here naked official way to deal with financial corrupt village officials, is there will be some preventive effect, http://www.annamariahemingway.com/list-88.html but far from fundamental. Rural land is collectively owned by some village officials in the eyes of tang's monk meat, but also can be the village official to eat into the belly, success is rooted in the collective both words are built on stilts.



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