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AWangJinMei visit countries go team

AWangJinMei visit countries go team, said in his youth bajiao street of Lhasa and people too close mans. 's zara had lit a lamp in the heart: yeah, dense mans that originated in Tibet, so in the holy city of Lhasa, will certainly can also find this mans! He decided, he decided to set aside a special fund, sent to learn Tibetan go all the way. On April 15, 2005, the governor of zara in his office review dense mans learning advance team members: Liu Guxun, 34, the han nationality, DiQingZhou weather bureau deputy director, go spare 4 section, super chess fan. Chun-ming Chen, 40, naxi, DiQingZhou federation chairman, go spare 2 section, super chess fan. He Deng Zhu, 26, Tibetan, DiQingZhou tibetology research institute researcher, familiar with the Tibetan and Tibetan folk customs. Qi zara very satisfied to see the present these three young people, he believes that they will act on this trip. Came to Lhasa Liu Guxun received from Tibet, after learning of mans mission excitement for three days and three nights didn't sleep, because the holy city of Lhasa is the place where he was yearning. As a Replica Versace Belt person he childhood live in Tibetan areas, although look gentle and delicate, but into the Tibetan unique in character courageous and bold. The DiQingZhou weather bureau deputy director of the young and senior engineers from high school to learn to go, I have been put it as the biggest hobby, still intact in the home holds the periods since 1987 the journal go heaven and earth. Besides go, Liu Guxun on Tibetan culture, religion, and also quite interested in history, of the job often a person driving on the road of more than two hundred kilometers, to deqin county is located in yunnan Tibet border to see is the first mountain of meili snow mountain Tibetan Buddhism. It is said that the peak of meili snow mountain kagebo peak stretch peak hidden among the clouds all the year round, if there is no Buddha, even wait ten days and a half months, not to see. And Liu Guxun unexpectedly saw dozens of times so far, he felt that he and the mountain, has some mysterious contact with Tibet.



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