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as the government and decentralization

http://www.extremedumbbellfitness.com/ Prevention and reduction of official corruption, depend on accelerating officials property declaration and publicity system fully established, that is symptomatic of medicine by power corruption. Local civil service exam in 2014 are also performed. Test registration around the popular situation less this year, Replica Hermes Belt, Shanghai, guangdong, etc to enroll and register population to double down, zhejiang and other places to a new low in recent years. Experts point out that, as the government and decentralization and civil servants privilege aura, and heat cooling or become a trend. (Hermes Belt news network on March 25) in young people, to the system, and die, die in the preparation of an era context of fortis and male does a double drop phenomenon, is undoubtedly a positive and optimistic signal. Still some apprehension, points out that the current of public exam heat cooling or some kind of illusion, because decrease in the number of enter oneself for an examination, is on the decrease in the number of enroll premise, from the position of some provinces and cities and take an examination of some popular newspaper recruit scale, competition degree has not diminished. Enter oneself for an examination decline, in other words, is not necessarily a young active choice, but due to some external force.



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