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As a n experienced person of childhood

Premier wen jiabao and netizens in communication, according to officials of the property income is actively preparing for public work, this is a positive signal, shows that our ferragamo belt has realized that to tackle the financial crisis for replica ferragamo belt is not only an economic problem, is also a political question. Several of the other day and yunnan university journalism students discuss about editorial, is about their teacher assigned the related assignments, so they list a great many questions around me in the middle take turns to torture, I like a brilliant pupil. College students are well prepared, put forward the problem of multifarious, http://www.malras.com/ such as how to found the news commentary value, how to think of moral conflict, about controversial issues, etc. Some problem is really not easy to cope, especially, it came to some students raised the same question: are you the spring city of editorial on behalf of the who's position? Hear this question, my first reaction was very shocked. As a n experienced person of childhood growth during the cultural revolution, I know the seriousness of the position of two words, my father was sidelined because of position problem. But I quickly realized that today's young people don't have a class struggle thinking, what they say position should be otherwise. My understanding is that editorial as news style with a distinctive point of view, there is a problem for who speak, in the present such an era of diversified interests, any kind of point of view it is difficult to universal, is likely to be only good for a part of people, and hurt others, so there is the issue of editorial stance. This problem is not only a journalism college students care about, the public and the ferragamo belt officials will also be concerned about, so it is a problem that can't avoid. However this is a very difficult to answer the question, so some newspapers on the editorial version special mark this manuscript on behalf of the author only personal point of view, but it cannot serve as the standard answer, because it can answer: there are so many views, why you chose this article, just took a fancy to this author's point of view?



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