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as a kind of for a specific population

As usual, sun yat-sen university, a move that led to a widespread, such as money, mei, university spirit decay, the use of public education resources to serve a handful of people... And the like. , then there is the news said, in the financial times the latest global EMBA programme in 2012, sun yat-sen university school of management of the office for the first time this year ranked 11th. The super-rich class, zhongshan university is obvious for higher EMBA rankings, have pursuit. Colleges and universities the super-rich class right, it must be split in two to look. So-called super-rich class, is the media of labels, known in the world's top management mba, http://www.guisaillopapa.com/ referred to as the EMBA, EMBA is just after the EMBA after re-education. In lifelong education has become a consensus of s, EMBA, as a kind of for a specific population of adult education, and foreign many well-known colleges and universities have, our university to provide this kind of education services, is also in line with international standards. Of course, the domestic EMBA and abroad is somewhat different. One is that our senior management personnel to the narrow definition, general specifically to rich or official; The second is, foreign universities admission qualification examination and approval of EMBA is very strict, in addition to the value work experience, work ability, also requires a bachelor degree or above, to attend the MBA entrance exam, etc.



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