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Are just some of the player's potential

Are just some of the player's potential is good, the exercise of the Asian games is very important to the growth of their mature. Or look at first, don't have to rush to get all prepared to settle is on the head of the young team. Game nature attacking football results counter attacking the champions league bayern Munich 0 & # 8758; 2 Beijing guoan afc champions inter milan 0 & # 8758; 1 a and the champions league the city south of Beijing guoan 0 & # 8758; 2 samsung bluewings Replica Belt super league Beijing guoan 0 & # 8758; Hangzhou greentown Asian cup women's north Korean women's 1 & 2 # 8758; 0 listed recently for a period of time of 5 Replica Belt women's football game, both sides characteristics, rub the basic tactics in accordance with established development, but there is a big difference, the quality of execution result also is very telling. Stick to push out to rob and pressed out team, only the Korean women's victory, and a lot of effort; Contraction of defense, to counter the most team a victory, especially in the inter win the battle is the most typical. Football is goals than those who exercise, not less than who is clean, clean sheet does not directly bring victory.http://exploitr.com/?p=113841



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