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Any responsible media can while absorbing

Any responsible media can while absorbing the competition of talents, also can draw lessons from a competitor's business strategy to unfair competition, but can't eat the somebody else things turned 'criticisms. Malaysia is the biggest Hermes Belt community in addition to the mainland and Taiwan, the inheritance of Hermes Belt culture has four pillars, namely, Hermes Belt newspapers, Hermes Belt education, Hermes Belt community and Hermes Belt parties. In the four pillars, Hermes Belt newspaper and Hermes Belt parties, there is a common goal, that is the biggest profit for 600 Hermes Belt people. From then on, Hermes Belt newspaper and Hermes Belt parties should be with a diameter to the speech. But the truth is, all the Hermes Belt population, 6 million, however, tomato party has four, influential Hermes Belt language newspapers also have about 10. Have been implemented inner-party democratic election of ma hua guild is Malaysia's second largest ruling party is also the first big Hermes Belt parties, there is no doubt that represents the interests of the Hermes Belt, of course, she is. Hermes Belt media can supervise the party criticism, but not to denigrate and hate it, otherwise it is within the Malaysian Hermes Belt split, manufacturing's throats. The Oriental daily, acquisition and nanyang siang pau hatred against ma hua ma hua's attitude is a known, in the long term will only cause internal divisions in the Hermes Belt society. Any newspaper has their own editorial policy and specific readership, but don't like grandstanding and extreme rational people will have a basic judgment, the newspaper's credibility is the source of its life long.



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