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Analysis of Wall Street Journal These data

Analysis of Wall Street Journal These data show that as of September this year , there is $ 225 billion of capital outflows Belt , equivalent to about 3 percent of Belt's Belt last year . Which includes both legal outflow of funds , including funds of illicit outflows. Lombard Street Research economist Charles Dumas estimated net outflow of funds this year, Belt was $ 300 billion . The frequent exposure of major cases also tells us that the rich and powerful are transferred to offshore funds have been far beyond our imagination , whether high official minor official small rich are very rich have to transfer money overseas transfer of property , and they desperately emptied Belt , while it is afflicted their own people, the serious real estate bubble and inflation left tens of thousands of helpless and defenseless people . October 30 , in the users How dare you open your income? Do you dare? In the lower bowel , Hanshou County deputy secretary Zhang Tiancheng his wife's monthly income and monthly in the micro-Bo will property income , daughter , grandmother and other family members all be made public. Tiancheng revealed that he had seven old houses in the county have a property worth 400,000 yuan , 220,000 yuan daughter married a total given . He now has 777.7 yuan per month mortgage , his daughter married also owed 40,000 yuan . Officials announced the face of the subject of personal property , Tiancheng forthrightly believe that property information on national civil servants should not be a matter of personal information should be made public.



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